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We are pleased to note that the Blue Communities Project – a joint initiative by the Council of Canadians and CUPE is now expanding to communities in other parts of the world. The Blue Communities Project provides communities with the tools to fight the privatization of water and promote the human right to water. Through the project, we are working with local governments, community activists and water operators to ensure water justice for all.

A “Blue Community” is one that adopts a water commons framework that treats water as belonging to no one and the responsibility of all. Because water is essential for human life, it must be governed by principles that allow for reasonable use, equal distribution and responsible treatment in order to preserve water for nature and future generations.

The Blue Communities Project calls on communities to adopt a water commons framework by:

  • Recognizing water as a human right.
  • Promoting publicly financed, owned and operated water and wastewater services.
  • Banning the sale of bottled water in public facilities and at municipal events.

For more information on the Blue Communities Project, visit www.canadians.org/bluecommunities

International Blue Communities

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